BSM170 Stadiometer

Digital Free Standing Stadiometer

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medical clinics, healthcare, hospitals

Digital Stadiometer for Height Measurement

The BSM170 Stadiometer is a highly accurate and easy-to-use digital stadiometer.  Its ability to use Bluetooth technology allows the BSM170 to pair with compatible InBody devices, ensuring that the user gets the most exact and precise body composition results possible.

Key Specifications

Measuring range: 1′ 8″ – 6′ 11″ inches or 35 – 210 cm. 

Measurements: Height 

Accessories: Can be paired with compatible InBody devices

What is the BSM170?

The BSM 170 is InBody’s digital stadiometer for professionals. It features quick assembly, large LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity and head bar, for easy and accurate height measurement for your medical clinic or hospital.

What devices is the BSM170 Stadiometer compatible with? 

The BSM170 is compatible with the InBody 270, InBody 570, InBody 770, and InBody S10.



Measurement Item


Height Range

35 ~ 210cm(1ft. 1.8in. ~ 6ft. 10.7in.)

Error Range

± 1mm

Minimum Measuring Range


Display Type

Customized LCD 55*31 mm with Backlight Unit Cm, ft-in

Height offset


Energy Saving

150 seconds after the last measurement

Data Auto-lock

Maximum 10 seconds

Power Source

DC 6V (1.5V AA battery 4EA)

Bluetooth Dimension

390(W) × 500(L) × 2190(H) : mm 15.3(W) × 19.7(L) × 86.2(H) : inch

Machine Weight

8.5kg (18.7lbs)

Operation Environment

10 ~ 40℃(50 ~ 104℉), 30 ~ 75%RH, 70 ~ 106kPa

b-10~70℃(14 ~ 158℉), 10~80% RH, 50~106kPa (No Condensation)


Data Hold, Beep Sound, LCD Backlight, Calibration, Measurement Unit, Height Offset, Reset. 


Note: Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice.

User’s Manual for BSM170 Stadiometer

You can download User’s Manual here. Visit our Support Centre for more documentation.

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