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Compatible with InBody Analyzers:

LookinBody Web

Cloud Database Management

Compatible with:

InBody 270, InBody 570, InBody 770

Data Management Solution for InBody Devices

Our cloud data management software offers client-centric health analysis. With multi-browser compatibility, you keep track of your clientele data and manage all of your clients’ InBody data from any computer anytime, anywhere.


  • Multiple accounts with permissions
  • Customizable analytics 
  • Data security and privacy
  • Automated collection of data
  • Access client history
  • Connect with clients and keep notes

What is the LookinBody Web?

The LookinBody Web is a cloud based application to manage clients’ and patients’ health data and test results history.  LookinBody Web connects to your InBody device wirelessly and allows you easily manage your InBody data on your personal computer. In addition, you can start InBody tests remotely, track testing data, e-mail results to clients and customers, and share data on the same network. 

You can also add previous InBody Test data and view individual Health Reports. 

How can I use the LookinBody data?

LookinBody Web intuitive analytics takes the guesswork out of one-on-one consultations by providing you with relevant information you need to adjust diet, nutrition, and exercise plans per client.

The built-in management system allows you to maintain and manage clients individually, giving you more insight on how you can keep your clients on track towards their goals.

What InBody devices are compatible with the LookinBody Web software?

If you have the 270, 570, or 770, please head into the administrator menu of your device and verify if option 4 Cloud Service is available. If this option is not available for you or if you have a device that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us for more information.

What is the cost of a monthly subscription?

The basic pricing package is $33 a month per unit connected to your account. 

Contact us to set up your LB account.

How long does it take for results to be uploaded?

Data sync occurs in real time when the unit is fully connected to the web service. After a test has been completed it should only take a couple of seconds for the result to upload. If it does not please double check to see if the unit is properly connected to your network, logged in to the cloud service, and that the proper mobile number was used.

How secure is my client’s information?

For the protection of your data and your client’s information every authorized user must have their own login credentials. Failure to do so may be a violation of one or more local privacy laws such as HIPAA or the Privacy Act.

How does my InBody machine upload the results to the App?

The InBody unit will connect to the internet using either a WIFI or LAN connection, and verify the account status by logging into the web service. Once verified individuals testing on the unit will enter in their mobile number which will be relayed to the service allowing for the results to be synced to the app automatically. To ensure that the sync occurs in real time, please be sure to have a strong WIFI connection, an active subscription, and the correct mobile number entered in.

How do I connect my InBody unit to the LookinBody Web service?

Please download the guide on how you can connect your unit to your account.

Affordable Pricing

We offer flexible pricing for small and large organizations. Our basic package for one device connected to the service is $33 per month and it includes one admin user and two staff accounts. 

What is the difference between admin account and staff account?

Admin accounts have access to all features the Web has to offer including payment information, registering new Staff Accounts, and the Setup Menu. Staff accounts are able to send messages, results sheets, and links directly to the InBody app.


Contact us to set up your LB Account.

User’s Manual for LookinBody Web software application

Visit our Support Centre to download the User’s Manual.

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